about me

I'm A Singer

When there is a microphone in the room, I want it so I can sing into it! Its a pleasure to have the gift of song deep in my soul. Singing gives me wings.

I began singing in grade school and I never thought that I was great at it. I just kept working at it and eventually I found my voice. My degree is in professional theatre and school is where I fell in love with the stage.

Extraordinary Experiences

One of my favorite shows to sing is Smokey Joe’s Cafe! Many people have never known the story of the first time I auditioned for this show. Since you’ve been so kind to read on, I’ll tell you about the time I was asked to audition for the role of “BJ”

A friend from college was working on the choreography for the show and she called me when she knew the role was not cast. She immediately called me and told me that I have to audition for the role. She made sure I had the music to learn and told me when I should be ready.

I listened to the late great BJ Crosby belt out the most heart wrenching version of “Fools Fall In Love” and I lost it. I mean she was so authentic in her story telling and her voice was one of an angel. I immediately told my friend that I could not fill those shoes.

Long story short, I’ve played the role many times. Not filling BJ’s shoes but making a footprint of my own.

Here's pics of me in my hot dresses!

Oh yeah...and I was on "the view"